First in3D NFT is out!

in3D offers app and SDK for 3D body scanning. With in3D app, anyone can create their realistic 3D avatar with just a phone camera within 30 seconds. in3D avatars have Mixamo-compatible rig and 2048×2048 texture. Try our app now or learn more about our SDK. Contact us for more details.

In collaboration with Japanese influencer Kuro-chan, in3D released its first NFT. The NFT is a Kuro-chan ”Wawawawawa~♪» Avatar released on a largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. The auction is now on and will end on February 2, 2022. The person who offers the highest bid will get the avatar of their favourite influencer.

If you are interested in creating an NFT of yourself please contact us.
31 January 2022

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