Pop music and metaverse collab: send your digital twin by in3D to the Ivri Lider live concert

in3D offers app and SDK for 3D body scanning. With in3D app, anyone can create their realistic 3D avatar with just a phone camera within 30 seconds. in3D avatars have Mixamo-compatible rig and 2048×2048 texture. Try our app now or learn more about our SDK. Contact us for more details.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with an Israeli pop star Ivri Lider as part of his XXV TOUR. Anyone can now dance with Ivri and, moreover, participate as their digital twin in a live concert!

Scan yourself with Create Avatar: in3D app (takes just 1 minute) and send clips with you dancing with Ivri Lider to your friends and family! We also prepared a surprise for you: anyone who scans in the app will have a chance to participate as their digital twin in a live concert in Tel Aviv on June 30th!

Explore this experience at https://avtr.page.link/ivri!
19 June 2022

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