in3D — runner-up of Niantic challenge

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Niantic — world’s leading AR technology company — announced winner and runner-ups of the Lightship AR demo challenge. The company challenged developers to build an augmented reality app using the Lightship ARDK.

For this contest in3D collaborated with likeXR to develop a Mario-like game where users could play in AR as themselves. Here is a result of such collaboration:
20 September 2021
As a result, in3D with likeXR became a runner-up of the contest!

However, this wasn’t the only game which used an in3D body scanning technology in the contest. Curiosity inc. developed a multiplayer game «Pieing» where users have to throw pies at each other to get points. Looks like a lot of fun! Curiosity inc. also won a runner-up price.

More details about the Niantic challenge can be found here.

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