Mesh to Metahuman, how to scan yourself to become a metahuman?

Epic just released Mesh to Metahuman for Unreal 5 and we are very excited about it. Why? Because now anyone who use in3D avatar creator app can easily upgrade themselves to MetaHumans! All you need to do is to download the in3D app (iOS, Android), 3D scan yourself into realistic avatar, export yourself as .FBX from the app and import the mesh into UE5. Then generate texture at Follow the tutorial to import your mesh into Metahuman Creator and Unreal 5.
10 June 2022
Mesh to Metahuman how to 3D scan
At in3D we develop technologies to democratize 3D scanning and let anyone easily create their digital twin for a metaverse. If you are a developer, you can integrate our avatar SDK into your product. You can learn more at our website.

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