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The DAVE School creates VR experience

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The DAVE School just wrapped their latest immersive VR student production experience: “The Orlando Time Machine VR”!

The DAVE School produced “The Orlando Time Machine VR” in cooperation with The City of Orlando & The Orange County Regional History Center to create a first-person experience of historic Orlando. 3D characters in the scenes are created with in3D app.

The concept was to find multiple historic reference photos of one recognizable street corner in Downtown Orlando (in different time periods), re-create this vantage point in multiple time periods in Unreal Engine (3D/VR) and create a fun, family-friendly, futuristic VR theme park ride which can take a person to actually experience Orlando in the past!

19 November 2021
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The Orlando Time Machine VR is a fictional first person VR adventure ride into Orlando’s history. While the adventure story is of course fictional, to move the story quickly from time period to time period, the Dave School has taken great care to try to match the actual historic environments to the amazing real world reference photography provided by the City of Orlando & The Orange County Regional History Center.

The Immersive 3D VR experience includes recreations of Downtown Orlando (Orange Ave & Washington St) in:

  1. Modern day 2021
  2. 1920
  3. 1880
  4. 10,000 BC

In addition to the The City of Orlando, Orange County Regional History Center, DAVE School worked with Epic Games Unreal Engine, in3D (to provide 3D scanning technology which allowed creators to scan all the characters/students in VR experience), Move.ai (who allowed creators to beta test their incredible AI motion capture technology), voice-over artist (& DAVE Grad) Bonnie Kiefer who provided the voice of the time machine’s AI, and The Old Town Portrait Gallery (who provided their amazing period wardrobe for the 3D scans of all the characters in each time period).

Check out this video capture of the VR experience:

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