Precise body measurements with a smartphone to improve UX and reduce costs on alterations and returns
Share of online purchases in total apparel sales is significantly growing every year. However, made-to-measure and bespoke businesses cannot find reliable and user-friendly way to measure people online. This leads to high costs on alterations and low conversion rate.
34% of apparel sales are made online
35% of people abandon clothing purchases online because they are not sure about fit and 40% - because of the bad website functionality
33% of custom made clothes require alterations which leads to high costs
Current mobile solutions of getting customer measurements show error up to 3 inches

Body measurements
We provide clothing manufacturers with customer's precise body measurements for made-to-measure and bespoke garments. Users are measured with our app or with our solution integrated in the manufacturer's app.

Reduce costs on alterations and attract new customers
Our product reduces costs on returns and alterations by up to 3 times and increases online sales by 20% because of conversion growth
The process for the user takes less than a minute and does not require a second person
Our product allows to attract non-local customers and the ones who were sceptical about online shopping

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