Providing your customers with the best shopping experience
We create a smartphone app for precise 3D body scanning and measurements for fashion e-commerce
Scanning takes only 30 seconds!
Step 1
Place your smartphone vertically
Step 2
Turn around
Step 3
Get the 3D body scan
Lack of body data leads to significant losses
40% of online clothing purchases are returned
75% of clothes returns are because of the size and fit
Current mobile solutions of getting customer measurements show error up to 3 inches

Reduce returns and attract new customers
The process for the user takes less than a minute and does not require a second person
Our product allows to attract non-local customers and the ones who were sceptical about online shopping
Our product reduces returns by up to 3 times

Solutions for fashion retail
Size and fit recommendations
Based on the data about user's body measurements and body shape, the online store provides customer recommendations on the purchase
Virtual fitting room
Customer makes the 3D body scan with our product and can virtually try garments from the online store on his / her avatar

Solutions for custom clothing manufacturers
Body measurements
Our product can provide clothing manufacturers with customer's precise body measurements for made-to-measure and bespoke garments

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