Create avatar from one video

in3D is the ultimate avatar maker. To replicate yourself into a photorealistic 3D avatar, turn around 360 in front of a simple phone camera.

Supported devices

Our avatar creator is available for iOS and Android. Our technology also works with Kinect and RealSense. Contact us to learn more.

Full avatar generator

To create a beautiful photorealistic 3D avatar a user has to go through a two step process: head scan and a body scan. As a result, a full digital replica of a user is created. If avatars are just used for body measurements then head scan is not obligatory.

How to get the best quality?

Our app rebuilds what it sees. It requires the same base conditions needed for a good picture. Make sure that light conditions are optimal and that there is as little interference as possible and no objectives between you and the camera.

What to wear while scanning?

If the scan is done for a virtual fitting room, then it is better to wear tight fitting clothes. Basically, it is any type of clothes that doesn’t add volume to your body. Yoga pants or swimsuits are a good example. If you need scans for other purposes then there are no limitations.

Distinctive 3D avatars

What makes us different from other mobile solutions is that we actually recreate a person based on 100 frames extracted from a video of a user. We don't use statistical approach, we recreate what we see that's why we provide both accurate and photorealistic avatars that can be used in fashion, gaming and other industries.

Supported formats

The avatars can be exported in any 3D format. FBX, DAE, USDZ, OBJ, GLB are some of the formats that are provided to our clients. Also 3D models can be directly exported from our app in FBX and GLB formats.


Our 3D models can be used in different games. Currently we can export our avatars to GTA V and VR chat. The models can be custom rigged and can be used in any game engine such as Unreal, Frostbite or Unity.

Rigged models

The avatars are rigged and are pre-rigged to be compatible with Mixamo animations. We can also create customized rigging standards upon client request.


We offer a native iOS SDK which works on iPhones with Face Id feature (models starting from iPhone X). Please find it on our github page.

Also we have a Unity SDK and Unreal Engine SDK which allow to get avatars from our servers made in our app.

We are also working on building web scanning so it would be easy to integrate it in any app on any platform or in a browser. We estimate that it will be ready in July 2022. Please sign up for our waiting list to be notified first.

Scans resolution

3D models have approximately 10k vertices and 2k textures

Virtual fitting room

Try clothes on your 3D avatars using our mobile app to see how they look and fit your body. With TRAI, our fitting room technology, users try on hundreds of items in minutes, see the exact fit, choose the right size and never worry again about the returns policies. Try our virtual fitting room here.


Website Integration
  • Fully Customizable Virtual Fitting Room
  • Can be integrated on a product page or completely substitute the e-shop
Sell Clothes on Our Online Marketplace
  • Easy integration with Shopify stores
  • Reselling is free for independent designers
Sell Your Clothes and Content in Our App
  • For companies that do not sell clothes online
  • Users will be able to try on clothes digitally and share their looks with friends

Supported clothes formats

3D format

The Virtual Fitting Room instantly integrates your garments with your design (CLO, Browzwear, etc.) by uploading the file (for example, .zproj).

2D patterns

We also support 2D patterns. The garments will be converted into a 3D model that can be used in the Virtual Fitting Room.


The virtual fitting room can use 3D models made from photos of clothes. Shoppers will be able to examine the style on their avatars and share looks with friends which leads to higher engagement and confidence while making decisions on purchase.

How to upload items to the VFR?

You will need to upload your garments into a shared workspace. We guarantee total confidentiality and security of these files. You can send clothes in one of the formats indicated in the question above.

Different sizes are available

As soon as different sizes are uploaded, we will be able to show how they fit the shopper's body. The recommendation system will automatically show the best fitting size, but users can scroll between sizes to see how different sizes would look on them.

How does the user journey look?

As soon as the user enters your store, a default avatar appears in the fitting room. Influencers or brand ambassadors can also be involved. This way, users can experience right away the magic of the Virtual Fitting Room, and you can present your clothes in a fun and engaging way that users can share.

A pop-up appears with the option 'Scan my body'. The user scans a QR code with their phone. The scanning process begins as soon as the QR code is scanned.

Getting scanned into the avatar takes just a few seconds. The first scan is a head scan, followed by a body scan. During the scanning process, a real-time virtual assistant guides the user.

Within 3 minutes, the user's avatar appears in the Virtual Fitting Room. Users can now shop online with greater confidence and have a more realistic shopping experience.

Users share their looks across all social networks and messengers providing higher awareness and virality to your brand.

The best clothes to wear for scanning

For accurate size and fit recommendations, shoppers should wear tight-fitting clothing. We scan what we see and measure what the user wears. Wearing clothing that fits tight to the body will provide with the best and most accurate results.

Garment download time

Downloading and showing garments for the first time takes only a few seconds. After that, the garments can be changed seamlessly. The user can change clothes at the click of a button without waiting for a new webpage to load.

Size of each garment

Each garment in the virtual fitting room is approximately 1.5mb in size.

How about Privacy?

For avatar creation, we receive the video record which is automatically processed and the avatar is sent to the user. We are not reselling data to 3rd parties. You are also welcome to read our privacy policy here.

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